St. Patrick’s Day Special

What do you think of when you hear St. Patrick’s Day? Sure, most of us think green, leprechauns, clovers, and pots of gold. However, there is way more to it than that. St. Patrick’s day is a holiday of Irish culture that is celebrated globally. St. Patrick is the primary patron saint of Ireland. The shamrock is a type of clover that is sacred to druids, and is the most well known of Patrick’s illustrations. Leprechauns are one of the biggest representations of St. Patrick’s Day, if not the biggest. Leprechauns are a type of fairy in Irish folklore. Leprechauns represent mischief and love taking part in it. They are very rich and hide their gold in secret locations so that no one finds it. They are said to pinch people that don’t wear green, which is why people do this on St. Patrick’s Day. They even wear green themselves. Green is another huge representation of this holiday. Clovers are green, leprechauns are green, people wear green, everything is green! Milkshakes are dyed green and so is the Chicago river, but did you know the original color for St. Patrick’s day was blue? That’s right, blue. This is because ancient flags of Ireland were blue, but since Ireland has such lush green hills and is nicknamed “The Emerald Island“, green became the representing color of the holiday.

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Working Hard!

It’s time for another update on our 20% project! Let’s get straight to it! Since my last update, we’ve accomplished a few things. We were able to finish our elevator pitch and get it approved, so we will hopefully be able to start filming very soon. We have also set up a meeting for us to talk to our mentor, which we will be having next week during our advisory class. We also tried to take our photo that we will be using for our YouTube channel, but we will have to take another one because it won’t let us upload it. I’m glad that we accomplished these tings this week, and I’m feeling much better about our project and less stressed.

This week was not stressful like the other weeks, which is great! We took a break from our project, which I think we deserved since we’ve all been working so hard. I’m excited for us to start filming our elevator pitch’s and see how they end up. I thought I would be much more nervous about it, but I’m really not. I think my group has really helped to settle my nerves. The thing that I can’t wait to start doing is filming our first YouTube video, which will definitely be happening soon. In fact, that is one of the next things on our deadline.

As for our deadline, we are a little behind on it. We were supposed to have started writing the script for our first video on February 24th., but we haven’t gotten to it yet. We’ve mainly been focusing on our elevator pitch, but because we are almost done with that, we will be focusing more on our videos and deadline. In order to keep up with our deadline, we plan to meet up in advisory. This will give us extra time to write our scripts so that we can film our videos during class time. This will also give us more time to edit our videos and upload them. With us meeting to getting more done on the project, we hope to prevent lots of problems from occurring.

While we haven’t run into many problems, we still plan to try our best to prevent them. The only problem that we ran into this week was not getting our picture to upload. Our teacher had taken a few pictures for us so that we could choose one to use for our YouTube profile picture. We had picked the picture we liked best and our teacher emailed it to one of my partners. When she tried to upload it to her file account, it wouldn’t let her. The computer said the photo had to be a certain size and that the phot wasn’t big enough. We couldn’t really figure out why it wasn’t big enough since it was a normal sized photo and just decided to see if it would upload at home. Over the weekend I asked her if she was able to upload it at home, but it wasn’t able to. We plan to take another photo the next chance we get and try to see if it works then. Hopefully it will!

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What We’re Up To

It’s time for another 20% project update! This week was somewhat like last week because we didn’t accomplish as much I wanted to. We were able to get most of our elevator pitch outline finished, but not all of it. We still haven’t set up a meeting to talk to our mentor. We also haven’t e-mailed Mrs.Lutes yet, but we didn’t really have time to do so in class since we were working on our elevator outline.

Since we didn’t accomplish much this week, I’m hoping my partners, Sadie and Charlotte, and I can do a lot. I’d like to do everything that we didn’t do last week. We have to set up a meeting with our mentor because we really need to discuss our project and everything that we’d like to do for it. We also really need to e-mail Mrs.Lutes so that we can get all the equipment we need for filming and she can show us how to use it. Then, we need to complete our pitch outline and get it checked by our teacher so that we can begin working on the script for the video. If we get this all finished by next week, we can go ahead and possibly start getting ideas on what we want to talk about in our first video.

While I’m definitely still excited about our project, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed. We have to catch up on all the things that we didn’t do this week. Then, we have to do everything for this week as well. I think that some of this has to do with us feeling that we don’t have enough time to work on our project together, so I definitely want to start meeting together  in advisory every couple of days. I think this will help us catch up on everything since we are a bit behind. Other than me feeling a little overwhelmed, I’m so excited about this project. I can’t wait for us start our filming and getting our channel spread!

20% Project Update 3

Hey everyone, it’s time for another 20% project update! This update isn’t going to be very big because haven’t accomplished much in the past week. We’ve started working on our elevator pitch outline, which we’d like to have done by next Friday. So, basically, we find ourselves stuck in an elevator with someone who has the power to make our project a reality. Whether it be donating money to our project or promoting our idea. We have to create a video of us communicating what our project is and why we are doing it, like if we would if we were stuck in an elevator with a person who can really help us with our project. Something else that we’d really like to have done by next Friday is having our first meeting with our mentor. If we can’t by next Friday, then we want to as soon as possible. We will probably email him to ask when we can have a meeting to talk about our project. We need to talk about us starting our channel a getting the word out about it.  I’ll update about our project again next week, hopefully we’ll have finished our outline and had our first meeting.

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20% Project Update

As you guys know, I made a post talking about a big project we started in school called the 20% project. This week I’ll be giving a little update about what we’ve accomplished and been doing. We were able to email Mr. Novak to ask if he would be our mentor, and he said yes! He also told us about someone else who could be another mentor for us. She said we would need her once Mr. Novak approves of our video, and said that our school’s student media teacher would be a good person to contact to help with equipment and programs. Hopefully we will be able to send an email to her soon. One person in our group was absent the day we were supposed to give our first speech about our project, but she was back again on Monday, so we were able to give our speech then. Our speech went great and got a 100%. I’m really excited about our project and I can’t wait until we can start filming our videos!


1/27 Finish this deadline.
2/10 Write for elevator pitch.
2/24 Write script for first video.
3/10 Start filming for first video.
3/24 Edit first video.
4/7 Show video to Mr. Novak and try to upload it.
4/21 Write for second video and third if time.
5/5 Film for second video and maybe third if time.
5/19 Meet with Mr. Novak and upload second video.


The Big 20% Project

My 6th grade family has started a big project called the 20% Project. We were allowed to work by ourselves or with a maximum of 2 other people, so I am working with Sadie and Charlotte. We only work on the projects on Friday, during Language Arts and PBL. For our project, we are going to create a YouTube channel that discusses issues going on in our school, community, and even in the U.S, such as school lunches an stress caused by school work. We will give our opinion about the topic and ways we can help fix those problems.  So far we have found our group, gotten our idea, and started our proposal outline, and we are currently working on creating the channel and finishing our outline. We are working on how we can talk to the person that we want to be as our mentor so that we can have one as soon as possible. We also want to finish up our outline as soon as we can while giving our best work. After we get our channel started, we want to put flyers around the school so people can hear about our channel, make an announcement to the school about it, and put a box outside of our gym for topic suggestions to talk about. We haven’t really run into any problems this week besides figuring out who our mentor should be and what to call our channel, but Ms.Ives helped us figure that out.


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The World of the Zodiacs

One thing that I’ve always been interested in is Astrology, but we never get to learn about it in school. It’s just so intriguing, and in some ways, magical. I love magic too, and I sooooo wish it was real (maybe it is!) Astrology is the closest I’m going to get to magic. If you’re wondering what Astrology is, it is the study of celestial object movements and their respective positions, and are interpreted as having an affect on humans and the world. The main part I love about Astrology is the zodiac signs, so I’m going to tell about each of the 12 signs.

Aquarius: The Aquarius dates are January 20th- February 18th. The Aquarius symbol is the water bearer. Their stone is Amethyst, and they are ruled by the planet Uranus. The element of this sign is air. They are known to be original and independent, but can sometimes be distant or unpredictable. They enjoy having fun and can be good listeners. They don’t like feeling lonely and don’t like when people disagree with them.

Pisces: If you were born from February 19th- March 20th then you are a Pisces. The symbol of a Pisces is the fish. Their stone is Bloodstone, and their ruling planet is Neptune. The element for this sign is water. This sign is imaginative and sensitive, but can be lazy. They like art and helping others, but don’t like being restricted or disapproval.

Aries: The dates of Aries is March 21st- April 19th. The Aries symbol is the ram, and they have the element of fire. The stone of an Aries is Diamond, and they’re ruled by Mars. People born under this sign are courageous and positive, but can be arrogant at times. The like taking action and being the leader. They don’t like being bossed around or being ignored.

Taurus: Taurus dates go from April 20th- May 20th. The symbol of a Taurus is the bull, and their element is earth. Their stone is an Emerald, and they are ruled by the planet Venus. They are very funny people and are also very responsible, but they can be a bit stubborn. They usually enjoy nature and fashion, but don’t like insecurities.

Gemini: The Gemini dates are May 21st- June 20th. A Gemini’s symbol are the twins. Gemini’s stone is Aquamarine, and their ruling planet is Mercury. Their element is air. They are witty and have great communication skills, but can be a little anxious. The love humor and  like playing games. They don’t like being bored or pinned down.

Cancer: The dates of Cancer go from June 21st- July 22nd. A Cancer has the symbol of the crab, with their element being water. Their stone is a Moonstone, and they are ruled by the Moon. Cancer’s are incredibly creative people and protective. However, they can be overemptional at times. They like history and treasures. They don’t like being alone and negativity.

Leo: Leo dates go from July 23rd- August 22nd. A Leo’s symbol is the lion, and they have the element of fire. Their stone is a Peridot, while they are ruled by the Sun. Leo’s are very energetic and loyal, but they can be prettt impatient sometimes. They like flattery and giving advice. They definitely do not like boredom and don’t enjoy taking orders.

Virgo: Virgo’s dates are August 23rd- September 22nd. Virgo’s have the symbol of the virgin. A Virgo’s stone is Sapphire, and their ruling planet is Mercury. The element of this sign is earth. Virgo’s are faithful and logical, but they can be shy sometimes. They love animals and nature. They usually hate disrespectful people and being the center of attention.

Libra: If you were born on or between September 23rd- October 22nd, like me, then you are a Libra. The symbol of a Libra is the scales, the only sign with a non-living symbol. Our stone is Opals, and we are ruled by Venus. We have the element of air. Libra’s are very kind and diplomatic, but can also be detached. We love peace and making others laugh. We hate conflict and being rushed.

Scorpio: The Scorpio dates are October 23rd- November 21st. The Scorpio’s symbol is the scorpion, and their element is water. Their stone is Topaz, and they are ruled by Pluto. Scorpio’s are very strong willed and brave. However, they can also get jealous easily. They like honesty and success. They don’t like flattery or compromising.

Sagittarius: The dates of Sagittarius are November 22nd- December 21st. The Sagittarius have the symbol of the archer, with their element being fire. Their stone is Turquoise, and they are ruled by Jupiter. People of this sign tend to be adventurous and optimistic, but can also be careless. They normally love entertaining  and traveling. They don’t like clingy people or responsibility.

Capricorn: People born from December 22nd- January 19th are a Capricorn. Capricorn’s symbol is the goat. Their stone is Garnet, and they are ruled by Saturn. They have they have the element earth. Capricorns are patient and cautious, but can moody. They like responsibility and personal space. They don’t like gossip or laziness.

There is so much more to learn about each and every zodiac! For more information and explanations, I recommend check this site out. I also recommend looking here, as well. This book is also a great source for information!


Torre dell'Orologio

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What I Do: My Communities

I am a part of a couple of different communities. The main communities I am part of are for my middle school. I do art club, yearbook, and pizza and pages. We meet after school every 2nd and 4th Tuesday for art club, every 3rd Tuesday for pizza and pages, and the teacher that runs yearbook sends emails to our parents for when we should meet. In art club we usually talk about a subject and then they give us a task to do that relates to the subject. So far we’ve done “graffiti” names, Google designs, and collage graphic designs. I even get to do it with Ava, Madi, and Lauren, who are a few of my friends. During pizza and pages we get to eat pizza, talk about books, play book related games, and many other things. I’m not really sure what we do in yearbook because I haven’t been able to attend a meeting yet. I do know that we get to pick school events to go to and take pictures. Currently, my favorite club is pizza and pages.

There are many other communities I would love to join in the future! I even want to stay in some of the communities that I’m apart of now, like pizza and pages. But then there are the ones that I’m not part of currently. I would love to be a part of the National Junior Honor Society, or the NJHS. NJHS would really teach me how to do great things in the future, how to be successful, and how to be a great leader. It might also look good on my college applications and maybe even help me achieve one of my goals of getting a scholarship. I also want to be part of Girls on the Run. I’m not very athletic but I do love to run, so I think Girls on the Run would be a great option for me. There are also other communities I would love to be part of in the future.


Photo By: Me, Collage Graphic Design for Art Club


What Gets Me Groovy

Who’s your favorite music artist or band? Your favorite song? I love listening to music and listen to it all the time. I love music because it helps calm me and keep me focused on what I’m doing. I can also pick different styles of music and different songs depending on my mood. My favorite types of music are classic rock, rap, pop, and different types of remixes. Let me tell you a little about about my favorite band and why I like them.

One of my all time favorite bands is AC/DC. AC/DC is a classic rock band that originated from Sydney, Australia. The band started in 1973 and they are actually still on tour (some of the members have changed)! The original members of the band were Bon Scott (vocals), Mark Evans (bass guitar), and Phil Rudd (drums). They have gone through many changes of the people in their band, and the current members are Angus Young (guitar), Brian Johnson (vocals), Chris Slade (drums), Stevie Young (guitar), and Axl Rose (vocals). Axl Rose is also the lead singer of another well known band, Guns N’ Roses. Their album Back in Black has sold more than 40 million copies. It ranks #2 worldwide for most sold album, behind Michael Jackson’s  Thriller.

I would have to say out of all the bands and singers I like, AC/DC is my favorite band right now. My favorites change all the time though. I love AC/DC because their voices and how they play their instruments are very unique. I’ve never heard a voice like Bon Scott, or even any lead singer they’ve had. Their songs just put me in a good mood and get me working very hard. In fact, I am even listening to them while I type this post! I think my favorite song by the group is Back in Black, but I also like Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap and Shoot to Thrill. I don’t have a least favorite song of theirs because I enjoy them all. I definitely think everyone should check them out, and even if you don’t like them, at least you’ll have learned about a new band.


AC/DC Stage Logo

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Beyond the Classroom Window: Part 1

I’ve always loved the color green. Maybe that’s why I couldn’t keep my eyes off the beautiful green trees outside my classroom window. They use to be bright and full of leaves, but now they were dark and bare. They’d been like that for awhile and nobody knew why. I would stare at them the whole class, trying to figure out why they were like that and what mysteries lurked in them. I was in deep thought about what could be out there until I heard my teacher shout “Mallory, get back to work!” I went back to work on my blogging and that’s when I heard it. It was small at first, but then it grew louder and louder until I couldn’t ignore it. Wings fluttering and high pitches whispers. I looked out the window and…ARE THOSE FAIRIES?! There were hundreds of them. I was probably just dreaming, but when I pinched my arm, nope they were still there. I scanned the classroom and to my suprise, no one else was looking. Could they not see them? They kept telling me to follow them. “I’ll get caught”, I hissed back to them. One of them fluttered up to the window and shook their head while pointing to my teacher. Her eyes were sparkling, along with the other students. The fairies must have put a trance on them, those smart little fairies. I hesitantly got up and made my way to the door of the building that lead outside.

When I opened the door they flooded toward me and guided me towards the woods. The trees seemed to be taller and they loomed over us. The wind was cutting through what was left of the leaves and the branches were moving as if they were alive.Once we reached the outdoor classroom they pushed onto one of the benches. It was freezing and as I went to reach for my bag to get by jacket it tipped over and my copy of Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas fell out. I reached to grab it but 3 of the fairies beat me to it. “Please my queen, allow us,” they said, handing me the book. “Queen?!” I asked. “Ah yes, we forgot you don’t remember. You probably have a lot of questions,” they responded. “Obviously!” I exclaimed. “Then ask away. What would you like to know?” They asked me. “First of all, who are you?” “I’m Ava,” answered a deep violet colored fairy. “I’m Char,” responded a fairy with the skin color of mauve. “And I’m Laur,” one the color of lavender finished. “And we’re are your royalty sprite fairies. We are loyal to you and do anything you ask” Ava stated. “Wow…I still have more questions. How am I queen? I don’t even have wings!” I asked. “See that’s what you think, but you do indeed have them,” Char told me. I started feeling a tingling in my back as my wings began to sprout. They came before I even knew it. They were huge! It was nothing like the other fairies. Mine were made of glass feathers that each had glimmering opals placed at their tips. “What the heck!” I screamed. “Keep it down or else someone will hear us!” Laur demanded. Then we heard shouting, “Mallory, are you out there?” someone asked. “We need to go!” said Ava, taking my hand and flying strait towards the largest tree of the bunch. The one that actually looked like it still had life. “What are you…,” I was screaming, but before I could finish we were in a completely new world…


Continue the story in the comments! Let me know if I should make more posts continuing the story aswell.