Aquel que no se atreve a agarrar una espina nunca debe ansiar una rosa.

Marcos de Madariaga via Compfight

  I was running as fast as I could from the hunter. The sky was barely visible because of the tall, full trees. My feet were crunching in the snow, freezing. I could here them close behind me as one of them shouted, “You can’t run very far! We’ll get you anyway!” My dress was dragging behind me, torn and tattered from the branches and thorns. I was freezing and I so badly wanted to stop and find warmth, but I had to keep running if I wanted to live. I could see a clearing ahead and I began to run faster, hoping I could find safety. I was almost to the clearing when my dress got caught up in a fallen branch. The silk red fabric tore and got caught up under my feet, causing me to fall. I fell out into the snowy clearing and the snow made me feel like I was going to freeze to death. In front of me was a single rose and it was in bloom. Why was this here?  I went to reach for the rose, but a voice stopped me. “I wouldn’t do that if I were you, it hurts people like you” the person sneered at me. I took my hand away once I realized what they meant. When I looked up, they had surrounded me and there was nothing I could do. “Don’t even think about doing anything or else we will…wait, you probably already know what we would do to you,” he snickered. I stayed still, I didn’t want them to do to me what they did to my family. My head was down and my black hair was falling in my face, but I didn’t care. I didn’t want them to see my watery eyes. I heard someone start to walk toward me and saw feet in front of me. “Look at me”, the new voice commanded. I kept my head down. “Look at me!” he shouted and I looked up, scared. “Show me your teeth” he said. I obeyed…

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