• I have mixed feelings about commenting. I liked that we got to learn about people we don’t know. I also liked that we got to talk to those people. However, Flipboard got a bit annoying because I was confused about if I was looking at the right blogs or something else. Something else that got annoying was finding blogs that interested me, and also figuring out what I should say in the comments. I found interesting blogs and posts by looking at blogs I had already liked and looking at the comments because if they commented on it, then they people have things in common. That way, I knew I would be looking at blogs that would interest me. I don’t think my posts are getting as many comments as they should be. I think this is because I don’t usually comment on other blogs. I’m hoping that the challenge from this week will help me with this problem.


Comment Starters

  • I can relate to this because…
  • Ask a question
  • Tell them why you liked or disliked the post (politely)
  • State your opinion
  • Tell them about things related to the topic that they might not know about



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