What We’re Up To

It’s time for another 20% project update! This week was somewhat like last week because we didn’t accomplish as much I wanted to. We were able to get most of our elevator pitch outline finished, but not all of it. We still haven’t set up a meeting to talk to our mentor. We also haven’t e-mailed Mrs.Lutes yet, but we didn’t really have time to do so in class since we were working on our elevator outline.

Since we didn’t accomplish much this week, I’m hoping my partners, Sadie and Charlotte, and I can do a lot. I’d like to do everything that we didn’t do last week. We have to set up a meeting with our mentor because we really need to discuss our project and everything that we’d like to do for it. We also really need to e-mail Mrs.Lutes so that we can get all the equipment we need for filming and she can show us how to use it. Then, we need to complete our pitch outline and get it checked by our teacher so that we can begin working on the script for the video. If we get this all finished by next week, we can go ahead and possibly start getting ideas on what we want to talk about in our first video.

While I’m definitely still excited about our project, I’m feeling somewhat overwhelmed. We have to catch up on all the things that we didn’t do this week. Then, we have to do everything for this week as well. I think that some of this has to do with us feeling that we don’t have enough time to work on our project together, so I definitely want to start meeting together  in advisory every couple of days. I think this will help us catch up on everything since we are a bit behind. Other than me feeling a little overwhelmed, I’m so excited about this project. I can’t wait for us start our filming and getting our channel spread!

20% Project Update 3

Hey everyone, it’s time for another 20% project update! This update isn’t going to be very big because haven’t accomplished much in the past week. We’ve started working on our elevator pitch outline, which we’d like to have done by next Friday. So, basically, we find ourselves stuck in an elevator with someone who has the power to make our project a reality. Whether it be donating money to our project or promoting our idea. We have to create a video of us communicating what our project is and why we are doing it, like if we would if we were stuck in an elevator with a person who can really help us with our project. Something else that we’d really like to have done by next Friday is having our first meeting with our mentor. If we can’t by next Friday, then we want to as soon as possible. We will probably email him to ask when we can have a meeting to talk about our project. We need to talk about us starting our channel a getting the word out about it.  I’ll update about our project again next week, hopefully we’ll have finished our outline and had our first meeting.

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