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It’s time for another update on our 20% project! Let’s get straight to it! Since my last update, we’ve accomplished a few things. We were able to finish our elevator pitch and get it approved, so we will hopefully be able to start filming very soon. We have also set up a meeting for us to talk to our mentor, which we will be having next week during our advisory class. We also tried to take our photo that we will be using for our YouTube channel, but we will have to take another one because it won’t let us upload it. I’m glad that we accomplished these tings this week, and I’m feeling much better about our project and less stressed.

This week was not stressful like the other weeks, which is great! We took a break from our project, which I think we deserved since we’ve all been working so hard. I’m excited for us to start filming our elevator pitch’s and see how they end up. I thought I would be much more nervous about it, but I’m really not. I think my group has really helped to settle my nerves. The thing that I can’t wait to start doing is filming our first YouTube video, which will definitely be happening soon. In fact, that is one of the next things on our deadline.

As for our deadline, we are a little behind on it. We were supposed to have started writing the script for our first video on February 24th., but we haven’t gotten to it yet. We’ve mainly been focusing on our elevator pitch, but because we are almost done with that, we will be focusing more on our videos and deadline. In order to keep up with our deadline, we plan to meet up in advisory. This will give us extra time to write our scripts so that we can film our videos during class time. This will also give us more time to edit our videos and upload them. With us meeting to getting more done on the project, we hope to prevent lots of problems from occurring.

While we haven’t run into many problems, we still plan to try our best to prevent them. The only problem that we ran into this week was not getting our picture to upload. Our teacher had taken a few pictures for us so that we could choose one to use for our YouTube profile picture. We had picked the picture we liked best and our teacher emailed it to one of my partners. When she tried to upload it to her file account, it wouldn’t let her. The computer said the photo had to be a certain size and that the phot wasn’t big enough. We couldn’t really figure out why it wasn’t big enough since it was a normal sized photo and just decided to see if it would upload at home. Over the weekend I asked her if she was able to upload it at home, but it wasn’t able to. We plan to take another photo the next chance we get and try to see if it works then. Hopefully it will!

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